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Gridup powers more than 200 e-formula student teams worldwide and presents two new products at the ees Europe 2024

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Vilnius, Lithuania (ots) –

Batteries are simple, right? And what about the battery management systems (BMS)? Are they easy too? In over 10 years, however, we have witnessed the contrary – they take up a large chunk of your budget, and often become the source of problems.

So, if you are in a similar situation, we are here to help.

10 years in battery technology field let company Gridup gain valuable experience and built a strong reputation in e-formula student community. Its brand ENEPAQ is well known for delivering high quality lithium-ion battery modules perfect for various engineering projects.

Company is valued for quick turnaround battery solutions – including high end lithium batteries prototyping and modular, highly configurable battery management system BMS. More than 200 e-formula teams powered their racecars with ENEPAQ modules and achieved the greatest results. For example, our client, The University of Canterbury from New Zealand won 1st place in FSAE -Australasia competition 2023 and ranked 3rd overall in the world of Formula SAE electric.

Our BMS is used in a wide range of applications starting from robotics, e-mobility projects, mobile storages, autonomous drones, RnD projects, motorcycles, scooters, bikes, etc. Engineers all over the world chose to use ENEPAQ BMS for revolutionary projects such as building robots for asteroids and moons exploration, designing solar powered cars, or building self-balancing exoskeletons for people with spinal cord injuries. Those projects fuel future technological progress and innovations and the company GridUp is aiming to be a part of it.

On top of that Gridup is launching two new products and is bringing them to Europe’s largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems ees Europe 2024 – for visitors to showcase live and have interesting discussions! One product is TinyAFE up to 1000V slave board digital analog-front-end battery monitoring for custom high voltage applications. And the other – AI powered solar battery for residential houses which can be fully integrated in smart home system.

Let’s meet at ees Europe 2024 in Messe Munich 19-21 June at booth BO.312 and discover new possibilities for future projects!

Ruta Sutene, [email protected]
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